The picture was taken by my Mom who thought it was funny. She thinks it embarrasses me and in an attempt to make me stop, she tells everyone "Brandy still sucks her thumb." My Mom has always tried to make me stop. She would put hot sauce on my thumb When I was a child. She even put crap from my little baby brother's diaper on my thumb hoping that it would make me stop. it's a wonder I don't have some kind of complex. Actually, I think I do have some weird complex. It's like thumb sucking is some deep dark secret I only tell the closest friends. It really shouldn't be that way because it's not that big of a deal. Everyone hides it, so no one knows it happens and those who do suck their thumb think their alone.

When I was in labor, I hurt so bad. As soon as I started sucking my thumb, I felt so relaxed and the pain seem to quiet down a bit. it was the best Lamaze technique ever. My Mom saw me and went to snap the picture. She really pisses me off sometimes. Here lately I have been trying to act like she doesn't bother me. After I saw how well the thumb sucking got me through labor, I didn't care who saw me sucking my thumb. Considering what I was in the hospital for, I think that was the least of my embarrassments.

I have been a thumb sucker for 21 years. it serves a certain comfort I could never explain. My favorite time to do it is when I’m snugled warm in a blanket. I can only suck my right thumb, my left would never do. My right thumb is actually formed to the shape of the roof of my mouth. Sometimes I suck my right thumb and twirl my hair with my left hand. it puts me to sleep every time.

I do not normally suck my thumb in public situations, but I will in front of my friends. My husband has no problems with it. He doesn't pay it any attention. But, my first husband hated it. He thought it was disgusting. He would yell at me and call me a baby any time I would do it. it had gotten where I had almost stop doing it. But sometimes when he would be out late, I would lay down in my bed and suck my thumb. I would have to try not to go to sleep doing it because i knew that he would be home soon and Ididn't want him to catch me. The most ironic thing about it was that he was a smoker. I have never smoked. I don't need to. I have my thumb, and it doesn't cause cancer. I must go now. Iwill look around for some more pictures and maybe sit down and write some things. Let me know if you have anymore questions. thanks Brandy

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Brandy South Carolina USA Female age 21 All my life--Right thumb. Straight, never needed braces My sucked thumb looks different. it is flat and the form of the roof of my mouth in bed, as I go to sleep. All through the night while asleepWhile watching TV. When I read. When I drive. When I’m with my friends. When I’m with my immediate family. More than 10 hours each day My parents scolded, spanked, teased and grounded me. They also painted my thumb with bitter solution and told people I sucked my thumb. It's just a habit I can’t quit. Comfort, it feels good. Security. it's an addiction finger over your nose Yes I twirl my hair with my left hand I was breast fed.. Ididn't use a pacifier. I am not a smoker. -I do not find that I am addicted to other behaviors. -I do not have other family members who have had addictions. - Yes, I have known other adults who suck their thumb. One was I guy I met in London England. Some friends were together drinking and he started sucking his thumb. The other was a girl who was a friend of a friend. We were talking at my house and I started sucking my thumb and she said "thats ok, I do it too" High School, currently a college student Average weight - White 2 of 4 siblings Heterosexual I am currently married. My husband does not care. No, I don’t you feel that thumb sucking hurts my ability to have a relationship with a significant other. a Search Engine Which Search Engine HOT BOT