The subject of adult thumb sucking has finally arrived. It's exploded onto the Internet with some recent, significant, additional sites whose main purpose is to shed their own particular view on the subject. Below you'll find the newly arrived links. If you know of more, please e-mail me and tell me about them. Enjoy!

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Web Sites

Photo Essay, Elizabeth Gordon has started a photo essay depicting some adult tsers near her town in England. Interesting here are some rare older (over 45) photos. Check out this evolving site.

Adult Sucking Substitutes, Anji, one of our devoted fans (check out Anji's Section at this site), has the highest opinion of this web site. She's ordered many of the flavors. Ask her what she thinks, if you're curious. The sucking impliment is designed to help smokers break their habit, but Angi, and others, think that it makes a perfect thumb substitute when the social atmosphere won't permit sucking your thumb.

Here's what Anji has to say:

I know that her emails are short. But, after I did my little review she sent me 2 extra oils and a FREE "Kiss-stick". I LOVE it.. its softer and smaller than the other one I got. She also told me that, there is a new one coming out and this one will not break.

I am sure she hasn't a CLUE of who uses it for what. I realized that I was admitting to her how I used it...and felt..funny..because I didn't feel funny. By the shape of the tip of this..she may have a idea. it looks like a pacifier.

The instructions tell you to rub your tongue over the thing. So I have a idea she kinda has figured things out.. But I think the tser [thumb sucker] will order it for stress. People are asking me what I am eating. I have told them its this stress stick I found on the net.

I have said that the lifesucker isn't even CLOSE to the real thing...but it works well in the lobby at work..and I don't eat as much know, being bored. I think its more of a good replacement for smokers and over eaters... as some of the TSer are.. and I think that stems from lack of suck!!!!!!! Anji

This German language site, focuses mostly on the visual, through photos and videos. There are some stories too. The updates are fairly frequent and the site has been around for years. Check here about once a month for new information, unless you can speak/write in the German language in which case you can enjoy the Forum located here.

Fabulous Disaster, a great site started by Cydniey. When you get to her main page, don't forget to click the small "next" near the mid bottom. Lots of good arty shots of her indulging with more variety of things, like video taken in the streets, etc. promised for the future. In her words, "I have posted some pictures at my website as part of an ongoing art project dedicated to my thumb sucking gift and how people deal with it. I haven't had many of the typical responses and experiences that i read about here and I am very interested in sharing what I have experienced . . . this web art is heavy with graphics, though I will be adding more words about my thumb and society's issue with it . I look forward to spending time here and getting to know all of you and your perceptions and experiences with this fabulous thing we all have in common.

"It makes me so sad that anyone has to feel that way about thumbsucking! so many people are not in touch with their bodies . . . they ingore hunger pangs, they deprive themselves of sleep . . . and i do the same things, but there is one time when i am completely in touch with myself, I feel balanced . . . when I suck my thumb . . . it's why I still do, I suppose . . what other reason would there be that could overcome society's 'issue' with it . . . I want to start a revolution where we all come out from under the blankets and are not afraid . . . *sigh* words of encouragement(?): it's your thumb, tell anyone who has a problem to get their own.

"Viva la thumb!!!!

my fans who did not ever notice have had a surprising reaction and also been very supportive, and only make passing mention about how sexy it is, to me this is encouraging . . . maybe there are a growing number of people out there who really don't care what you do with your fingers, as long as you keep them to yourselves . . .

I am also having a great time when I am out with the vid cam, getting pictures in every place I can ts-ing . . . so the whole thing is very validating to me and giving me some great pictures to work with . . . though the candid shots from my home cam are still my faves . . the look of serenity on my face cannot be faked . . . :) thank you for your continued support!!! . . . in several weeks I will be doing an interview for a publication here in vegas, and would it be alright to mention your site? I know the journalist and he'll spell the url right and everything . . . I'm kinda making myself a poster child here for thumbsuckers everywhere . . . in a world with massive starvation, I want to start a thumb revolution, but hey, we work with what we know, I guess. ;)

The Pebble in The Shoe, a book written by John Streicher with Karen Alexander. A very interesting set of examples showing how the proper technique of thumb sucking can correct dental malocclusions.

Y2k Diary, a small part of a larger site who's webmaster, Nick, age 27, sucks his thumb! So, of course he placed some thoughts on the subject. He plans to do a lot more in the near future. Stay tuned for more! And, if you'd like to enter his site from its Home Page, though you won't get to the thumb sucking section easily from there, you can click here. Note, this main area is not about thumb sucking. Here's what he said about this section:

"I'm planning another 2 entries on thumb sucking in the next 2 months, so your beautiful site will be mentioned again. The entries will be more interactive, adding some Flash. I'm considering some live broadcast on the subject. You're forum is pretty cool too. I should also do a direct link to it. I'm getting really cheesed off with smokers who consider their vice as totally sane and hygienic and thumb suckers as as a bunch of filthy babies."

The Fetal Cure , updatedred.gifa site espousing thumb sucking and fetal posturing as a cure for many maladies. 3/14/02

Natalie's New Site, nothing really new here. All the thumb sucking photos are already on this site, click here to see them. She had started this after being frustrated at my lack of updates here between June and October of 2000. 10/1/00

Web Clubs

Adult Thumbsuckers , one of several clubs at Yahoo where ATSers can come and share their thoughts and/or chat. Be sure to join in order to participate. Joining is easy, just click on the appropriate link.

Thumbsuckers, one of several clubs at Yahoo where ATSers can come and share their thoughts and/or chat. Be sure to join in order to participate. Joining is easy, just click on the appropriate link.

Adults and Pacifiers, though not thumbsucking, it is related in many ways, with some adults, not into the "Adult Baby" scene, actually using their thumb and a "dummy", a more British derivitive of the word pacifier. This club seems to be the more purest of the bunch, with many photos. Another one of the Yahoo Clubs. (There are access restrictions to this site, this is the best I can do, so far, to obtain a site address) 12/28/00