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The following is an edited and abridged story found on the Internet by one of our contributors to this site. There are many references on the Net to Fox Mulder sucking his thumb. This is the first boldly descriptive text on the subject...enjoy!


Fox And Dana XI: Forgiveness Author: Jo Ann Medrano Rated: PG- language Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended. "... he (Mulder) has some kind of oral fixation..." David Duchovny from 'Inside the X-Files... ' Fox ... Monday, November 22 -Afternoon...

Dana turned to look at him for a moment. He certainly was acting differently than he would around this time of the year.

November was not only the month of his sister's birthday, but the month she had disappeared, too, a subject he rarely brought up these days. Save for the times he mentioned his sister when he talked about his childhood, Fox seemed not to be so sad about the events that took places all those years ago. Was this a sign he was starting to let go?

Holding on to the past was something he didn't need to do anymore? Dana could only pray to God for it to be true.

" What are you looking at..? " Fox snapped her out of her thoughts.

" It's my nose, isn't it? I know it's big... "

" No, it's not... "

" Please, Dana, you can land a UFO on it... "

" You got a cute nose... a cute BIG nose!! " She laughed as he stuck his tongue out at her.

" What about my lips? You don't think my bottom lip is too big? " Fox stuck it out for Dana to look at it better.

" Oh, your lips are like that because you suck on things, too much."

" What? Is this your theory, Doctor Scully? "

" It's not a theory... Were you a thumb-sucker, Fox? " Dana had surprised herself when she asked him the question. It had been a subject she wanted to discuss with him, but was unsure how to approach it without causing any embarrassment on his part. How simple it came out of her mouth as she waited for his answer.

Fox thought for moment as his cheeks became red. " Yeah, I was... more like a closet thumb-sucker. I didn't want my parents to catch me. They use to put chili powder on my thumbs to make me stop. I just made sure I did it when they weren't around. I would hide in the closet or cover my head with the blanket at night. "

" Why did you like doing it? "

" I don't know... it felt good. I felt safe... What about you? Were you a thumb-sucker? "

" Nope, I wasn't. My brother Charlie was, but Mom just let him do it. She said when he was done with it, he would stop on his own. "

" Did he? "

" Yeah, he did, one day he just stop... "

" Lucky guy... "

" Why do you think he's lucky? Just because you haven't stop... "

" Excuse me, I don't suck on my thumb anymore... "

" No, you just suck on those disgusting sunflower seeds and writing pens. I hate those stupid seeds!! "

" I told you I EAT those seeds because my dad... " Fox was getting defensive.

" Oh, please, Fox, that was one of the worst theories you ever brought up... My father ate sunflower seeds, I suck... excuse me... eat sunflower seeds, it is heredity. It's your oral fixation!! An excuse to put something in your mouth!! "

" You know, fuck this conversation. I'm not going to talk about it anymore... " Fox pulled away suddenly feeling uncomfortable about any discussion concerning an oral fixation he didn't have.

" Why? Can't you handle the truth? I thought that was the thing for you, THE TRUTH!! Well, Fox Mulder, the truth is that it's your thumb you really want to suck on not those STUPID sunflower seeds or pens, why don't you just do it?!! " With her sudden anger, Dana lashed out at Fox. How could he not admit to these truths about himself? The many times she saw him with his fingers near his mouth or when he would crawl to her side, wiggling his face into her clothing just to reach her bare breast and latch his mouth around her nipple. Making baby noises in back of his throat as he continued sucking even in his sleep. It was a truth that Fox Mulder did not want to hear.

One Hour Later...

The storm had knocked the power out, leaving parts of the city without any electricity. Fox and Dana were in the middle of it. Dana had fallen asleep. The storm raged on, making any kind of traveling dangerous. Fox wouldn't have left Dana anyway. Fearing she would disappear and he would never see her again, kept Fox by her side. He needed her, even if he couldn't take her into his arms.

Denying himself any sleep, Fox remained still for some time when he felt Dana's warm body press against his in her sleep. Curling her body closer to him, she rested her left hand on his chest. Feeling so secure in his love for Dana, He found it impossible to believe any of the things Dana would show him, and brushed it off with such harshness it was amazing that she was still with him even now as his lover. ... He closed his eyes.

Fox didn't want to think about it anymore. Dana. He looked at her again. She was so beautiful. His Scully... his Dana. Fox looked over to the night stand and pulled the bag of sunflower seeds over to him. Taking one out, he popped it into his mouth but spit it out. Looking at the discarded seed, he felt it just wasn't enough. Perhaps Dana was right. The seeds, like so many writing pens and the cigarettes before, were nothing more than a poor substitute for his thumb. His parents should have just let him have it. Now it was a hang up for him, a need that could never be satisfied. Fox didn't think about it until Dana threw it right into his face. Who was he kidding? He knew about his desire, his fixation. How he played dumb with the inanimate objects that went into his mouth to give pleasure to his shameful weakness. Pretending that no one could see it, but that was a lie. Dana had seen it. For so many years, she said nothing to him as he freely went about sticking things in his mouth in front of her. He knew that she didn't mean to lash out at him so cruelly. Upset with the misfortunate of being trapped in Chicago, Dana would have yelled at him even if he was only readjusting himself. Yet, he couldn't stand the truth being thrown at him. Still, Dana always saw the truth in human nature, her understanding of his needs. Her desires to help him suffice them, even as she kept quiet about it. He loved her for that and for many other reasons.

The X-Files was all that matter to him until the day Dana Scully walked into his office, a new change for him that was the best. Dana had brought new life to him. Her constant challenging of his theories had awakened his mind, forcing himself more than ever to seek out the answer to prove to her, to make her believe. How he had grown to love this woman, truly love her, like he had never done for anyone before. The only woman he would ever have... The only woman he would give up everything for...

Looking at the bag of sunflower seeds, Fox tossed them back on the night stand. What good were these seeds, anyhow? It wasn't what he wanted. There was no way Dana would let him touch her. He didn't deserve it. As he laid in the darkness feeling sorry for himself, his mouth began to move in sucking motion. It was an automatic reaction to his frustration. Something he quickly noticed and made himself stop. It didn't matter he was an FBI agent, the many quests he had taken with his life at times hanging by a thread. His many skills of foresight and reasoning, the ability to understand another person's mind better than he knew his own. The responsible things he had taken on as a so-called adult. He paid his bills, took care of his taxes. He tried to arrive for work and meetings on time... OK, he wasn't that good at it but he did try. He stood his ground against the toughest opponents, yet despite all of this he was nothing but a man who still wanted his thumb...

Lifting his right hand to his face, Fox examined his thumb. He couldn't help but admired its shape and function. Writing, holding, throwing, gripping and shaking, the thumb served its purpose in the structure of the human race. It was the perfect tool that nature had provided. It also was a pacifier for those few who found the world a hard place to take sometimes. Right now Fox felt that way.

He wondered if he could do it? Stick his thumb right in his mouth, and give in to those longing desires. Fox heard the voice in the back of his head encouraging him to do it. His father and mother weren't here. Dana was asleep and most likely wouldn't be upset with him for doing it. If there were any surveillance cameras around, Fox would be giving them one hell of show to pass around and have a good laugh on him.

Once again, looking at his thumb, Fox felt his mouth watering, the urge to suck on it would not leave him. He wanted it. Jesus Christ, he really wanted his thumb!! Fox slowly opened his mouth as brought his thumb forward. His tongue already reaching out to greet the digit, as the saliva increased from the anticipation of the pleasure he would soon give to himself. Taking his thumb deeper into his mouth since he was a child, Fox felt his lips ready to embrace his comfort, his heart racing from the sneer relish of this forbidden act of childhood. His eyes partly closed as his mouth slowly encased his thumb, his tongue edging closer to it.

Just as the final act was about to come, Fox suddenly saw the image of his father smacking his hand from his mouth. Jumping, Fox expected the harsh words that always came after his father caught him sucking his thumb. " BABY!!! THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE!!! A BABY!!! I SHOULD HAVE YOUR MOTHER PUT YOU BACK IN DIAPERS SO EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT A BABY YOU ARE!!! SEVEN YEARS OLD AND YOU ARE STILL SUCKING YOUR THUMB!!! BABY!!! "

Fox brought his hand down, and pressed his lips tight. He wasn't a baby... he'll show that fuckin' old man he wasn't. Pushing his head down on his pillow, Fox struggled to keep his tears from not escaping. Why did he have to be this way? Why couldn't he be normal? Normal people don't suck their thumbs. Normal people act their age! Jesus Christ!! He wanted something in his mouth!!

Feeling Dana shuffling next to him, Fox looked over and noticed her hand resting on his chest. Her beautiful hand that he loved to hold. Never getting enough of her touches with those hands... And where those hands have been, Fox would have never believed it to be true except in his fantasies. With her thumb pointing up toward his direction, it looked so inviting... so appealing. He was hungry for it as his mouth move involuntarily at the thought of sucking on her thumb. Would Dana mind? This would be violating her space... and her body.

Looking at her thumb again, Fox's lips moved more harder sucking his tongue to the roof of his mouth. He had to have her, something of her. Why not the one thing he wanted? Taking her hand, Fox admired the titillating skin around her fingers. The softness of the wrist he held, her thumb pointing at him, as if it was daring Fox to take it in. A quick look to see if Dana was still asleep, Fox took her hand closer to his mouth and popped her thumb right in. Slowly sucking and tasting everything, she had held, from the Twinkles, the M & M's, the gum that had favored her thumb, and finally the taste of herself. Dana was in his mouth, everything about her he loved and took in. His tongue gently moved forward and back, as the pressure of the sucking encased her thumb into his warmth of his mouth. His teeth barely touching her, not wanting to cause any harm to his beloved, as Fox kept on sucking into heaven.

His eyes grew heavy from the relaxed feeling with his body no longer feeling tense as he began to lose consciousness. Fox continued to suck on her thumb even in his slumber. Bringing Dana closer to him with his arms, she responded to his touch in her sleep bringing herself nearer to him. Never removing her thumb from Fox's mouth as they both slept through the storm...

The Next Day: On Flight...

Stretching in her seat, Dana repositioned herself for better comfort. She needed to relax on their flight home. The weather was still rough but calm enough to allow the planes to take flight. A few hours ago, they received the call from the airlines that their flight was available.

Hearing the noise of the TV as the power came back on, Dana woke up in the late evening. Much to her surprise, Fox was sucking on her thumb. He whimpered in his sleep when she removed her wet, and wrinkled thumb from his mouth. His face frowned as Fox desperately searched with his mouth for the comfort he had lost.

Dana watched him for a moment, as the pitiful cries from his throat begged for her thumb back. Bringing it closer to his mouth, Dana playfully teased him. Brushing her digit near and pulling away before Fox could grab hold of it again. His frustration showed as he threw his head back whimpering even louder than before. His mouth gasping the air seeking for what he needed, the most.

She was just about to bring her thumb close again to tease him once more when his eyes popped opened.

" Danaaa... " Fox stared at her with a grumpy look on his face. " Why did you take it away?! "

" What? This? " Dana showed him her wrinkle-up thumb.

" Yes!! Give it back!! " Smiling at him with a devilish grin, Dana did as he asked. Bringing her thumb to his mouth which he had wide open ready to take her back in. Dana suddenly pulled her thumb away, before Fox could close his mouth around it.

Growling at her, Fox's anger showed all over his face. Before she could play with him once more, Fox grabbed Dana with one arm pulling her close to him. Grabbing her hand, he shoved her thumb back into his mouth. Fox started sucking as he brought both their bodies closer together. His eyes closed, Fox was ready to fall back to sleep again with his living, breathing pacifier wrapped around his arms.

" Fox... "

" Uuhat?! " He growled at her around her thumb. Talking meant he had to stop sucking.

Watching him drift back to sleep, Fox was so gentle on her thumb, it was no wonder Dana didn't feel it in her sleep. She felt the warmth of his mouth as his tongue gazed up and down the back of her thumb. Feeling the slight pressure of the sucking, never once did his teeth press down on her. A smile escaped Dana as she thought how sweet and innocent he looked with her thumb in his mouth. Resting her head on his shoulder, there really wasn't much for them to do until they heard from the airlines. Dana closed her eyes and rejoined Fox back to sleep.

It was early Tuesday morning when they received the call from the airlines that woke both of them up. Their flight was in two hours. No time for a shower, as they gathered up their things and headed off to the airport. It was now one day before Thanksgiving, Dana had to rethink her plans for the menu. She wasn't sure if she could defrost the turkey in time unless they had a late dinner. Forgetting to call her mother, Dana would call the moment they arrived home.

Dana wondered about her own relationship with Fox Mulder. No, it wasn't that kind of love they had, too many years of being together, learning of each others' strengths and weakness. So many things they shared together, more than any couple could hope for. The love they have for each other developed in its own unique way.

Dana looked over at Fox who was busy reading a magazine. Looking so relaxed and content, giving in to the true feelings of oral pleasure did him a whole lot of good. He didn't even ask for any sunflower seeds from the flight attendant. Once in awhile, Fox would reach over to Dana's hand and take her thumb rubbing it between his fingers. If they weren't out in public, her thumb would be right back in his mouth. Dana let out a sigh. She was not at all bothered by Fox sucking her thumb. She actually liked it. It had a kinky appeal to it that no other man had ever done with her.