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Sohma is, admittedly, a night bird, at least as far as her cam goes. To see her cam, click her site, below, and then click "visual" at her site. She can found there, if at all, between the hours of 11:30PM and 2:00 AM. She is pure artist, as a visit to her site will tell. As for her thumb sucking, yes she does, whenever she wants to and without permission. I get the feeling she doesn't want to say much about it, since there's only one reference to it at her site, a very perfuntory admission in her FAQ section, as if to ward off any dumb questions about it. Hopefully, I'll have an interview ready for you, dear reader, if she'd allow it. Till then, enjoy her site, her creativity and some photos, below.

This just in. One of our members conducted an interview of Sohma in which she expresses how she feels about her habit:

I've sucked my thumb my whole life. I don't pay attention to when i do it.

It's subconcious. I don't want to stop, I feel no need to stop and I doubt I will. Yes, family have tried to get me to stop but haven't succeeded.

I can't tell you how I feel since it's a subconcious thing except I feel calmer and more at peace.
When I suck my thumb, it feels the same as the other 25 years I've been sucking on it. :) Nice and good and comforting


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