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tsguy13.jpg <<<Caught asleep!

tsguy10.jpg {short description of image}

In the above shot of the two guys, who, do you think is the real adult thumb sucker? Answer on the bottom of the page. As for the why of this shot, here's a quote from the guy on the left:

This pic of me and Kafele sucking our thumbs was taken in our apartment during the summer of '96. Kafele had graduated from Syracuse University and was staying in Syracuse to work three jobs (temping) before heading off for graduate school at Michigan State University. I had met Kafele in January '95 when we both were staff members at WJPZ Radio Inc. He used to make fun of my name, constantly cracking Heathcliff Huxtable jokes. His favorite one was when Heathcliff broke Claire's favorite mug and tried to glue it back together again and hid it way back in the cupboard. Funny huh? :-) Anywho...Kafele's been a great friend and I've missed him since he left. We still e-mail one another and I'm glad we do. He's crazy. The reason we are both sucking our thumbs in this picture is because Kafele and my other friend/roomie, Jullinnar, are thumb sucking fiends who always sit watching t.v. with their thumbs in their mouths. So they got me doing the same. But I broke the habit!

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Answer to the two guy photo.....the guy on the right.