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This woman, age 28, works in a bank in Mexico and has been sucking her thumb her whole life. When driving in her car, she doesn't care who is looking at her. To her, sucking her thumb is not a big issue. This entire page is from a contribution by one of her friends who also, incredibly, sucks her thumb and knows about this site. The photographer, while taking a class in school, saw her callus and asked her if she sucked her thumb. She thought nothing about admitting it and knew that these photos would be a welcome addition to the site. Thank you, you're right.

The following 2 photos were snapped by surprise, while waiting in the car.

tsphoto27.jpg tsphoto28.jpg

tscallus2-1mexico.jpg<<Displaying her callus, note the area around her joint.

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tsmexico1-1.jpg<<This photo was taken several months later.

tsphoto25.jpg<<Note her relaxed style.