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It's the embarrasment of it. As a child I was teased terribly and still, as an adult, from my siblings and friends. I guess visiting this site has helped me find other adults who also suck their thumbs. However it is great, I do enjoy but, scared to admit it to my husband. When he has caught me he usually has laughed at me, until one morning I told him not to laugh and he understands that I can not control it......but I hide it really and I just keep getting caught ......only in my sleep though is kinda funny....... I have this one blanket that i rub the silk on and it is also very soothing and that really embarrasses much that i didn't even want to post it.........

another "Hider" Subject: How well do you hide?

Well you know how much we want to hide if we can't use our own name here! My husband knows but it is never mentioned and I am good at never doing it in front of him. My thumb also shoots out of my mouth when he or anyone else comes near. "Years of reflex action". I don't even like the way I look with my thumb in my mouth but I love to do it when I read, so soothing. Part of my problem stems,I think, From when I was a little girl and I would be mesmorized watching TV and my Father would come along and slap my thumb out of my mouth. They also did everything they could to get me to stop. I left my own daughter alone and protected her like a tigress from any one who did'nt like it. She stopped at five on her own. Well it has been fifty five years and I am still at it so I guess I will die doing it. I hope I never have to break in a new husband!

Subject: Re: How well do you hide?

I used to hide myself, but only from the people don't know my family. Some friends and my husband know about it so i don't need to hide from them. Also sometime when I'm too tired and I'm driving I'll do it to. The problem is when I want to sleep or relax myself and there issomeone strange there, I put one arm in top of the other so they can't see me.

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I'm a thumb sucker!

It feels good to say that since I have not admitted to that to anyone since I was 5 years old and my mother told me if she ever saw my thumb in my mouth again she would break it off. (That of course made me suck even harder at night!) Now 14 years later I still suck my thumb and twirl the same piece of hair that I did when I started.

I was really happy to find out that a lot of people also have a pillow that they like to suck with. I only do it alone... watching tv, going to sleep, reading, on the computer, on the phone.... I just wanted to say thank you for your web page, without it I would still be feeling alone about my habit.

When I was little my parents tried everything to get me to stop my thumb sucking. They pretty much made me feel like if anyone ever saw me sucking my thumb I would never have any friends and I would be an outsider, which is why I have always kept my habit to myself. This was pretty much confirmed when I was in 1st grade and got caught by a few of my friends who insisted on calling me a baby for putting my thumb in my mouth. (I'd like to see how many of them are smokers now, I personally would prefer to be a thumb sucker). I can't believe there are so many other people like me.

When i was younger my mom tried that gross tasting stuff that you put on your finger nails.. she tricked me and told me it was nail polish! Then I stayed up half the night crying because I couldn't sleep without sucking my thumb. I finally just stuck it in there, delt with the disgusting taste, and fell asleep happy. I did need braces and I had an overbite, and I think that was because of my sucking.

I stopped doing it for a little while when I was in 5th grade, but then one day I was really happy for some reason, and my thumb went in my mouth and the habit hasn't been kicked since then. I've been feeling really guilty about it recently (I guess it's those old childhood memories about how thumb sucking is horrible) and I thought I should quit the habit. I've really tried everything from quiting cold turkey to lessening my thumb intake little by little. The only thing is, I seriously believe that it helps me with most of my stress. I want to stop so I don't mess up my teeth again, but I don't want to stop because I'm afraid that if I do I'll be too stressed out. Even trying to stop for one night is painful. If I'm at a friends house, I always have to sneak into the bathroom for a quick thumb sucking session, and then I can return to the public.

Anyway, thank you again for your web page, you've really helped me out!


P.S. If you're going to put any of this on your web page, please don't post my email address.. even though I know there are others like me, I'm still "in the closet" :)

I am 23 yr old married mom of 2 yr old boy. I,like Sean, was also in the army (as a deisel mechanic). my baby has never sucked his thumb. I had a binky til gradeschool. my parents have done everything; bitter solutions, tabasco sauce, guidance counseling. I have also tried hynotherepy. I like my thumb, but it hurts my TMJ (a jaw problem with bones and ligaments that cause headaches and stiff and painful jaw). it's a comfort that will always be there.

Yes, it's a sad shame so many parents make such a big deal out of thumb sucking. Mine thought it would ruin my teeth, though I never needed braces. My own child didn't develop the habit, but did wear braces in high school. I don't feel like a lesser person, now that I'm aware there are so many others like me, although I'm still too ashamed to ever suck my thumb in anyone's presence.

Lucky for most of us that once we hit into adulthood we figure out that people can only make you feel a certain way if you allow it... buy into it so to speak. Tho I agree.. as a child the bitter tasting solutions and pronged devices do a certain amount of damage to one's self esteem... What you say about other habits being far more offensive.. hits it on the head!

She doesn't like her overbite:

I BET SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE HAPPY WHEN YOU SUCK YOUR THUMB UNTIL IT COMES TO IGNORANT GESTURES , WELL, I'M ONE OF YOU GUYS TOO THAT NEEDS HELP . I HATE SUCKING MY THUMB . I get called "monkey face" because of the overbite I have. I hate my face. I'm no Miss America. The only way I ignore it is by changing the subject. And, if that isn't enough, my mother has to go around town telling everyone that I suck my thumb[this is a teenager writing]. Everytime I look at someone prettier than me, I try to fix my hair or wear a different kind of color for makeup. Well, I hope I can somehow get rid of the habit or just be the lawyer who isn't pretty.


Ana, you seem to be stating that you are not happy with your appearance, which you blame, at least partially, on thumb sucking. You seem to imply that your appearance may be decisive in preventing you from establishing relations with the opposite sex. You go on to state that, in order to compensate for what you perceive as an unattractive (read, unacceptable) appearance, you feel that you must achieve a career level that would earn you respect among your peers.

We are all comprised of many things. Appearance is but one of them, and even that is based on totally subjective criteria. Believe it or not, there are people out there who find an 'over bite' attractive, even sexy. But, the main issue you need to deal with, and finally achieve peace with, is the issue of learning who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses, separating what you want and need in life, from what you eventually learn others want for you. The result is confidence. Coming to terms with who you are allows you to lead a life enabling direction based on real needs, not compensatory needs (the ones you feel will finally prove to others your self worth). I'm not denying our need for recognition, I'm just saying that this need is more satisfactorily achieved when the motivation comes from something positive, something you want for yourself rather than to prove something to others.

As one matures, one learns that what sustains attraction is based more on who you are and how another feels when they are with you, rather than the purely physical aspects of a person. We learn to love most things about those we love, even if they have a "monkey face".

Now, Ana, think about the value of your emotional energy. Do you really think that it is worth spending your emotional energy on those who attempt to make you feel bad about yourself for no other reason than to feel a sense of power, at your expense? I don't think that you do. Better to focus your energy and feelings for those that see you for who you are, and care about you on your terms. And that day will come when you meet someone like this, if you're open to it. Believe me when I say that approaching this problem with this perspective enables you to grow as a person, and not get stuck in the kind of rut that leads nowhere but to self hate. To love others you must learn how to love yourself first. There will always be someone prettier, faster, smarter and so on, but there'll never be anyone better at being who you are than yourself and the person who sees that and loves that won't care that there are others more this or that, because you'll be the most of yourself that they will ever need.

I also saw the Extra segment on the tube, and I was hoping that my wife would have gone to bed early that night, but she also saw the promo prior and wanted to see it. I am also a thumb-sucker (actually, right index finger, which is kind of funny seeing it's the only thing I do right-handed). I am 36 years young (thank you) and as long as I can remember, I have always, since childhood), sucked my finger.

I have hidden it well over the years, 16 years in the service to my country, along with one war, and to this day, continue to suck my finger. My wife is fully aware of my finger sucking, though she feels I'm some kinda weirdo. (I'll let her think that, seeing we've been married 15 years. For others, I don't know how it would make me feel if it was socially acceptable. Grrreeeaaattt!!! Though it is very difficult to hide it, I continue with the assumption that eventually someone will see me. I tried to quit ( mom tried to get me to quit when I was young, but nothing worked. My sister was also a finger sucker (two actually) until at least 16). Maybe she still does. I've never asked her, and probably won't.

All I can say is that I cannot get to sleep without it, I've never lived without it, and probably will be a finger sucker all my life. My heart goes out to anyone who is a thumb/finger sucker, and for those who have had the courage to open the closet door and show your thumb in your mouth, I applaud you. I only wish that I had your courage to be open about it. This will probably be as open as I possibly ever could. Thanks.

Subject: How well do you hide?


How well do you hide your thumbsucking. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and he doesn't know. It's like a reflex. If I hear someone coming, even in my sleep, my thumb is shot out like a bullet. That's how self conscious I am about it.

From Michelle,

Hello there! I was suprised to see this site too! I am 34, and have been sucking my thumb sinnce I was a baby. No relative could break my habit, even tho all sorts of devices, hot sauce, slaps, etc... were tried. I simply stick my thumb up into the roof of my mouth and leave it there. It is Purely for relaxation. I do NOT want to quit; the calming effects are way too valuable to me. My three kids know, and accept it. My hubby has always thought it was CUTE also! We have been married almost 16 yrs now. I hate to admit it--but since this is anonymous....I also sometimes suck my thumb during sex. I usually toy with a bit of my bangs while I suck my thumb. I ALWAYS suck my thumb when I sleep. I think I hide the habit in public places pretty well. If anyone notices, I pretend that I was getting something off my thumb and quickly withdraw. Nice site. Amazing! :)

My name is Anthony and I have sucked my left index finger all my life. I am twenty four years old and have a two year old boy. I have tried everything to stop but I just can't. My doctor told me that I will suck my finger forever and there is no way to stop it. I can't fall asleep without sucking it. I am very stressed out about it because I don't want my son to see me doing it.

I have tried to stop, but the urge to suck my finger is too great. I suck it when I am alone, or watching t.v. I would love to suck it while making love, but I don't know how my girlfriend would feel about that. It is a great tension reliver for me. It makes me feel good. When I searched for adult thumb/finger suckers on the internet, it was a shot in the dark. I had no idea that I would find a web page. When I found this web page, I was very warm with happiness. It felt good to know that other people out there do and feel the same way I do. I felt like I came home.

I need to hear that it's okay from fellow thumb/finger suckers. Please feel free to email me.

I'm not a thumbsucker myself, but I am one of those guys who think it's a "cute" habit (and means it). Glad to hear your experience of sharing your "secret" with your special guy is turning out well. And as a guy who truly does think it's cute, sexy, erotic, etc, believe me, you're doing that lucky man a favor by letting him share in your habit. If he is truly open-minded and accepts you the way you are, he'll feel even closer to you because you shared something so personal with him. My girlfriend confessed that she used to be a thumbsucker until her teens, and that she still likes the feeling of that thumb in her mouth, though she no longer indulges regularly. Later, though, she did something that did amazingly erotic things to me: while watching a movie in a theater surrounded by people, she casually took my thumb and put it in her mouth. Wow! I didn't concentrate much on the rest of the movie. When I told her later that night how exciting that was, it led to some incredible sex, and of course my thumb ended up in her mouth again. Just a personal experience, of course, but keep yourself open to using your thumbsucking to add a whole new element to your intimate relationships. Hope this helps, and good luck!

From Anji,

I want to thank you for the site, I will go back in and write about my experance in telling others, and most importantly the LOVE of my life. Last nite I went to sleep happily knowing there were others like me out there Heck one in oklahoma the same age, I thought of the girl who has the close friends who lets her just suck away at home movies, ahhh bliss, maybe when the guys in my life said this was cute THEY REALLY MEANT it, and went mocking me, maybe I shouldnt have hidden so much from them, I think finding this site when I did was ment to be, this weekend I will confess why I havent snuggled close to Gary, Oh i want to thank you for the pix of MADONNA...she is my hero..such a strong powerful women.....I had to download a copy for my self.. and the CAR, I am one, and thougt I was the only one....I LOVE IT .THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN you may post this if you wish (((((((((((((all suckers))))))))))))) anji

My mother always hated the fact that I sucked my thumb. She made me feel bad for doing it. Then I tried to hide the fact and still did it. Then I'd get caught and was made to feel even worse that I had a habit that I couldn't stop or even, wanted to. I wanted to quite for the reason of being socially unacceptable. I also didn't want to give up sucking my thumb, it gave me a security or a feeeling of well being. I really don't know. I thought of hipnosis to take care of "the problem". I'm 30 years old now and still hide the fact that I suck my thumb. I need to understand why I want to suck my thumb and how I could convince myself to stop.


From C.H.

I too have tried to deny it from the world. However, that is not why I decided to reply to you. I also find that sucking my "Fingers" is much more enjoyable then finding something to eat. I am not like many of those who visit this sight I suck my middle finger and ring finger together. I have been somewhat shamed into hiding it my entire life. When I was younger and wanted to spend nights over peoples houses I was always afraid of them seeing me in the night.

This is the first time that I have been on one of these sights but I'm glad I'm here. Tonight was the first night that I actually discussed why I suck my fingers to my two older sisters. I don't think that I suck my fingers because my fingers just find a way to my mouth as they thought. To me I crave them...I'll come home or be relaxing and just want them. Almost as if they were a drug. It has been a hinderance on my young adult life and now I search for a way out... I want some cure almost to end this. Is there anything I can do???

I noticed that also... I suck my two fingers in the middle my middle finger and my ring finger and occasionally stroke my noise with my pointer finger. What I noticed was that I think true thumb suckers and finger suckers don't stick there entire finger in there mouth but rather just some of it. Like rosanna Arquettes picture.