Kai Wexler

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Hello. My Name is Kai and I am in the 17-22 year old group, and I have been sucking my thumb my whole life. My teeth are crooked, thought my thumb looks soggy and very different. My favourite places to suck my thumb ar in bed as I go to sleep, when I watch TV, when I read and sometimes when I drive. My parents reactions to my thumbsucking was to scold me, paint icky stuff on my thumb and telling people that I still sucked my thumb. I suck my thumb for comfort security-it feels good! I suck my right thumb, put my index finger on my nose and I don't have a special blanket. I do suck my thumb when I masturbate. I come from Germany and my english is not so good likes yours. In my country don´t exist a page for thumbsuckers. I am very happy as I found it, because I will meet other thumbsuckers in the world and write them. Perhaps I can, in future visit one you, in my age group of course. That will be very fantastic. Okay that´s all from me and I wait for a answer of somebody. My e-mail address: KaiWexler@aol.com

Check out his site at: http://de.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/daumenlutschen?as

Bye, bye and have all thumbsuckers a good suck.

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