Well, here are two photos of me sucking my thumb. I feel very nervous, I don't know why. For a self-shot poloroid I guess it's okay, but a frustrating thing happened. I took them in my classroom and as I was putting the camera away, my principal walked in and the photos were on a table. I hope he didn't see them but I know I acted flustered and guilty. Oh well, at least he didn't walk in while shooting them!

I do find seeing adults sucking their thumbs a little erotic, too. (I guess because it is such a social taboo, and it has been such a big dark secret in my life!) Well, I really need to send this so I can pop my thumb in my mouth and calm down; I mean it, sending you the pictures was pretty scary--even though you don't know me, etc. Oh, well! Take care.

tsphoto52.jpg tsphoto53.jpg