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The daughter of Helen Hornby & William Norman, Lesley Hornby was born on September 19, 1949, in Neasden, a suburb of London. Her mother was a counter girl at Woolworth's when she met William when he came to buy a tie. Her father was a master carpenter and worked for many contractors ending up making sets for films. Lesley weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces at birth. The youngest of three daughters, each born seven years apart. She grew up at 93 St. Raphael's Way, Neasden NW 10. A thumb sucker till the age of eight, Twiggy said, at age 25, that when she was really tired she still sucked her thumb.

Just like her mother, Lesley learnt to sew at an early age. She says she can't remember not being able to sew. Like any true Mod, Lesley was quite fond of fashion and was always making herself new clothes so that she could be on the cutting edge. At age 13 Lesley had her first boyfriend. His name was Christopher & they broke up after two dates because he said he wanted a scooter & couldn't afford a girlfriend & a scooter!
March of 1965 was when Lesley first met Nigel Davies, a man about town, ten years her senior. Nigel & his brother Tony worked in a hair salon. It was actually Tony who christened Lesley "Twiggy". At first he called her Sticks. This later changed to Twigs & finally became the now famous- Twiggy. At the time she was fifteen and a half, five foot six, wore a size 6 dress & a size 3 1/2 or 4 shoe.

Until this time, Twiggy had been a follower of fashion & wanted to be a model, but never took it too seriously. She and her friends would watch all the popular shows to see what was the latest & then they would try to make it. Her Saturday plans consisted of her friends coming over, them working on what they would wear to the Ritz or Guy Howard's & watching Dr Who. Nigel, however, changed that. At first they were just friends, but soon they were more. He had big dreams & quickly realised that with Twiggy he could achieve them.

For Christmas 1965, long before the advent of things like Shutterfly coupons or the internet, Twiggy made Nigel a pair of trousers which he loved. The first plan they had was that they would start a business selling clothes. This idea never really got off the ground until later, when Twiggy was a celebrity. It was about this time that Twiggy had her first, now famous, haircut by Leonard, a respected hair styler. He spent eight hours on her hair- cutting & dying, re-dying to get it to look just right. Twiggy had hardly started modeling when the Daily Express declaired her "the face of 1966".
Soon after this, Nigel Davies came to be known as Justin de Villeneuve & Twiggy's manager.

Success came almost instantly for Twiggy. Justin, w/ his Svengali-esque attitudes, created the mystique that made Twiggy the hottest item only two weeks into modeling, her 'phone constantly ringing. Even from the beginning both Twiggy & Justin seemed to have a well organised plan. They hadn't modeled for anyone big yet, but decided to only do high-class work. This plan didn't always work out & Twiggy says that most of the early photos she hates now. On one occasion the only thing she modeled were her feet, which were to dangle above a famous Englishman, Vidal Sasson.

It was at this time that the Twiggy line of clothing began. Soon it was a big hit in England, both Twiggy & Justin knew that the real fame & fortune was in America. The US press were constantly writing about her & when, in March 1967, Twiggy landed at Kennedy Airport she was greeted w/ great fanfair. Her stay in American would be a life altering event. It seemed that Twiggy was a household name already & everybody wanted to take a peek at the Brit sensation. She was mobbed everywhere she went by both onlookers & photographers. When she was a guest on the The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson she had to escape through the garbage shoot to avoid the mass of people awaiting her exit. A security guard told her that "[she] was very lucky. The only other person who uses the garbage elevator is Frank Sinatra."

Another event that took place during Twiggy's stay was the making of Bert Stern's three documentaries about her, Twiggy in New York, Twiggy in California & Twiggy Who?. This amusing set of films was the combination of her experiences in America & featured bystanders wearing Twiggy masks & Burgess Meredith's narration. More than once the filming had to be stopped for fear that Twiggy would be crushed by the swarms of people that formed around her.

By 1968 Twiggy stockings lined shelves and her hairdressing salons were turning out "elfin" look-alikes. She also owned a film processing shop, an agency for singers, King's Road Boutique & her own brand of knitting machine. Other items bearing her name included a Barbie doll, lunchbox, paperdolls, colouring book & a boardgame. The stress was too much, however, & she was burnt out. It was around this time that she went into virtual retirement for the next three years.

Ken Russell, who Twiggy & Justin had befriended, was given the oportunity to create a film version of the "Jazz Age" spoof The Boy Friend. Tommy Tune & Twiggy stared in this film achievement. This film shows a quite different side of the Twiggy the world had known. Suddenly the excessively thin model sensation was a bona fide actress with a remarkable voice. Critics touted her as the next big thing, but the show just didn't really catch on.

In 1974 Twiggy met Michael Whitney when they co-starred in the movie called ''W.'' In 1977 they got married, and their daughter, Carly was born the following year. Several fairly forgettable films followed, and the US would not get a chance to see her shine again for twelve years when My One & Only would debut on Broadway in 1983. The next year she toured in a revival production of Funny Face. Following that was the separation between her & Michael. Mere months passed before he died of a heart attack.

Since that time Twiggy Lawson, as she now calls herself, has married a British actor named Leigh Lawson. They met years before actually becoming friends & it was not until after The Doctor & the Devils that they became properly acquainted. In 1988, they worked on together on the movie Madame Sousatzka.

Today Twiggy leads a fairly inconspicuous life, occasionally modeling & most recently has recorded a collection of Broadway tunes. Her second autobiography was published in September of '97 & she's currently working on a film script. Hopefully Twiggy will return to the pubic's eye soon. There have been many rumours lately regarding Twiggy's next move. One of the more recent circulating stories involves a London revival of Bells Are Ringing. Twiggy recently finished Blithe Spirit, a Noel Coward play. Apparently she's still in a "comedy of manners" sort of mood because this production lead right into Noel & Gertie, which is supposedly in the works. I surely hope so, as her last appearance for me as the somewhat lacking television dramedy Something Borrowed, Something Blue. I'd be very pleased to see a new album released, though unfortunately I any work on that project will be in the not so near future.