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Hello, I am interested in seeing the photos cuz it would really help me with my confidence. I most often will suck my thumb before I go to sleep to relax myself. Seeing that I am a big fan of the Corrs I would really benifit from taking a peek at the pics. I most often am belittled for this behavior, so I would only stand to gain knowing one of the people I admire has this obsession. Yours Truly, Mikey

Hi, thank you very much for the photographs ! If I wanted to see those pictures, it was because I was curious to see Andrea Corr sucking her thumb. I'm French, and in my country it is hard to find articles about The Corrs if you don't live in PARIS. I like stars' funny or strange habits, it reminds me famous people are just human being. As I like very much this group...asking you those snaps was a way to recall me TheCorrs ARE EVEN IF I LIKE THEIR WORKS NORMAL PERSONS ! It is the answer to your first question. I think your site is funny because it shows unusual stars'habits ! I hope I answered to all your questions ! Bye !

I guess the reason that these photos were of interest to me is because I have just recently become a big fan of the Corrs, and Andrea is my favorite member. Anything and everything she does is of great interest to me, including sucking her thumb, which I've heard she does a lot. I guess you could say I'm a little obsessed with her, but not in a crazy stalker way, mind you. thanks again for the photos, Trisha