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Since we usually hide our habit, it's no wonder that most of us think we're the only adults in the world who suck our thumbs. As a result, we hardly ever get a chance to share our feelings with others with similar inclinations. It's great to see that there are many ATSers out there who are willing to go that one step further and actually offer to share e-mail with you. Below you'll find all those willing people, in order of the newest additions to the oldest. Hope your e-mails help you make many new friends! If there's an address that doesn't work, please contact me.

Section 1, Last updated 2/15/04 with email addresses that span listings from July of 1999 to December of 2000. The previously compiled list totaled 4 sections but it had grown inaccurate. With very generous and expert help of a member of our site, Heather S., we now have an up to date listing...of our old email addresses. NOTE, We may be compiling a much larger, and newer listing as soon as I get more time, if it can only happen! :)