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For all those years you thought you were the only person on the planet thumbsucking at your age. Well, you finally found the right place! Forget the past and all those bad thoughts you've had about yourself (if you have, some don't you know); here we can come together and share our feelings on this subject. Fact is, there are probably millions of adults thumbsucking worldwide, mostly hiding their method of tension relief because of perceived and real social stigmas associated with this gentle habit. Here you will get to express your thoughts and experiences about adult thumbsucking and see that it's not as uncommon as you've believed.

For instance, did you know that there are movies with adults sucking their thumb? These are not just odd, cult movies (though some are, and we love them too) but commonly available ones, even award winners! Come to think of it, there are famous movie stars who are real, true-to-life thumbsuckers also! You'll meet them and others here too. I've organized this main, homepage, first, with a short table of contents on top, for those who frequent often and know what each section is about, and, below that, with a detailed content summary, each with the appropriate links. So go where you may and, hopefully, you'll feel a lot better about yourself for the effort. Let me suggest that the first place to go be our Frequently Asked Questions section.

So explore. Write to me to add any additional information/experiences/photos and anything else you feel you'd like to share in this "secret" aspect of humanity.


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On Saturday, February 2nd, 2002 at 9:30PM eastern time we had one of the best chats yet, with as many as 13 people showing up and conversation so rabid, at times, that it took all we could just to keep up with it all. Click the Archive link, below, to read this latest chat and others in the past. If you have any questions or suggestions, email me, and tell me about'm.

Archives of some previous chats. 2/16/02

and then Thumb, Contents:

For those of you who visit this web site often, the following shortened table of contents will help you to navigate to the updated sections quickly, without having to go through this whole page. For everyone else, please read below this table for a much more detailed description of each section.

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The latest addition was a question about what to do when going off to college. The answer was supplied, in total, by one of our major fans, Ruth, an eloquent and articulate, compassionate writer and, now, contributor. If this is your first time here, glance over the contents of the rest of this site on this, our Homepage, and, after getting acquainted with all the subjects that are delved into, check out this section first. It should address most of your questions and concerns. When you're finished, return here and explore the wide, interesting aspects of adult thumbsucking (ATS). You're guaranteed to be both amazed and, if you're a ATSer yourself, very relieved...finally! 12/28/00

Adult Thumb Sucking (ATS) and the Mass Media

First, see how the NBC syndicated television show "EXTRA" handled this topic. NOTE- this site was featured on this show!

Second, let's show that adult thumb sucking has been an acceptable concept in so popular a medium as the movies.

Third, go and read the newspapers. I don't mean leave what your doing! Come back! Check out the articles written in the papers about this subject and, oooo, this site is mentioned.

Extra Show On May 24th, 1999, the television show "EXTRA" ran a segment on adult thumbsucking. See stills from the show and read what was said about us! And, yes, this section has been recently updated. A beautiful retort by Tony, one of the adult tsers on the show, explains why he appeared on the show, the costs of doing so, his thoughts on risk taking and more. 12/28/00

Movie Section, I can't believe it! Two movies added in the same month (January '02). Hey, you think this site's having an affect on our culture, or what?! We can all hope so. The lastest addition is from the movie, "ENTROPY". And YES we got a VIDEO CLIP AVAILABLE here too, as well as a rare scene where the star asks her "What are you doing?" I love her answer! It's in the clip, so clip-clop on over and check it out.

Our next to the recent addition is the movie "BABY BOY". Included here are scenes that were cut from the film, but obtained anyway! The rest of this section is a compilation of movies with well known actors and actresses thumbsucking in movie scenes, including linked photos. 1/21/02

VIDEO available, in selected movies.

**Exclusive Bonus** - "...and then Thumb" conducted an exclusive interview of Pamela Gibbons, Writer/Director of our favorite movie, 'Belinda'!!! Check out what she had to say about her movie, and why she included an adult thumbsucker in her script! Go to the Movie Section and then click on the movie "Belinda". The interview link is located on that page. Interview published 2/21/99.

In the Newspapers, This site has been, well, sited, or is it sighted, in the newspapers. Yes, adult thumbsucking is out and a newsworthy topic. Check this section to see the newspaper clippings and some behind the scenes footage of correspondence between one reporter and myself. Now that so many know, how do you feel about it? Newest here is an ad sent to me from England, check it out! 10/1/00

On the Radio, BBC did a short 9-1/2 minute segment on thumb sucking, addressing the usual issues but including an adult thumb sucker in the interview. It was a balanced spot and worth checking out. 4/14/02


Now, let's hear from those out there who may convince you that, though infants suck their thumbs, an adult who still sucks his/her thumb is not infantile. This habit may satisfy oral needs in a much healthier way than other, more "adult", oral habits. In fact, its popularity, though hidden from view due to misconceived social pressures and preconceived concepts may be much higher than realized.

Articles and Opinions, The latest article was written by John (borrowed from his site, this is the email bjohn person, from the Navy. If you'd been following this site, you'd recognize him) and is about being caught tsing in a laundromat by a beautiful woman. Articles and general editorials about any and all aspects of adult thumbsucking. 10/1/00

Some selected Featured Articles from this section:

The politics of Thumb Sucking. Yes, politics can even invade the quiet act of sucking your thumb, how? Basically, this sums up our general feelings on the subject.

On Being Embarrassed, this is the crux of why this site is here. We feel embarrassed. This article details the whys and helps us deal with our feelings.

Why Thumb Sucking is Erotic, This section focuses on thoughts from several people on a subject surprising to most. The latest addtion comes from a lesbian woman whose erotic origins on this subject go way back and a few other opinions on the subject.. 12/28/00

Poetry and Short Stories, it's just amazing what a thumb can do for inspiration. We have a new addition by Wayne, a short story. A few poems, taken from the Forum, rounds out this section. Come on, let's hear some from you people out there? Hey, if you can thumb a ride, surely you can send us thumb poem or two! 11/20/01

The Famous and the Not So Famous

Still not convinced? Of course not! This section depicts hundreds of adult thumb suckers. As examples, see immediately below: famous people who still suck their thumb. Below that, read from us "common" folk, numbering, perhaps, in the millions, worldwide, who have continued this habit to well within the adult years. Hear from us, as we've communicated about our habit on the Internet and through e-mail. Read how we feel when we're "caught" by accident. Write to us via our Pen Pal listings or by e-mailing me, so you too can share your thoughts on this subject.

Celebrated Admissions, Some new additions of Madonna! AND Kyra Sedgewick admitting it all on television, while demonstrating her style!! Wow! Also, see the two new added Madonna shots in her section.11/20/01

Liz Hurley, famous actress and model, decided to stop smoking and.... Check this out in Section 3. And, while you're at it, check out section 4 where you'll be introduced to a famous male performer who displays his habit on his promotional material. Miss Tiffany Anders, another celebrity singer/songwriter does it publicly.

This section focuses on the famous people who are either true thumb suckers and who've admitted it, most of the photos, or famous people caught on camera sucking their thumb. There's section number three, where you can guess who the famous mystery baseball player is. There's a stage shot of the lead singer from the rock group U-2 struting his stuff. Other shots worth noting here are of Madonna (yes, she sucks her thumb!), Geri Halliwell, known as "Girl Power" when she was with Spice, Courtney Love and Andrea Corr the main singer in The Corr's (plus an interview where she addresses the subject in detail). Two unposed photos of Andrea Corr sucking her thumb as well as one of her posing unabashedly on the cover of a magazine! Due to copyright restrictions, I can't post the two unposed shots, but you can have them if you write to me. For more details on who she is, see Section 2 after clicking on this main area.

From The Internet!, This section is devoted to gatherings of bits and pieces from many adult thumb suckers and others who posted elsewhere on the Internet. Additionally, it offers areas on the Net where one can obtain research materials, or original sources of information on the subject of ATS. 12/28/00

Embarrassing Moments, free-form words from bedeviled adult thumbsuckers. A new article from John, one of our very helpful contributors. 10/1/00

Interesting E-MAILS!, One more new section added in this compendium of interesting related e-mails.You'll find experiences and opinions galore here, all from the many adults all over who suck their thumb and aren't afraid to say something about it. There's been so much e-mail activity that this section has been divided to accommodate quick download time, check it out! 11/20/01

PenPal Requestsupdatedred.gif, This section, reduced from its former 4 sections, has now been updated to include accurate email addresses. NOTE that this section will be soon expanded to include the many hundreds who have asked to b e listed. MUCH THANKS goes to Heather S., a member of our site, for critically aiding in the updating process.

The nice thing about this section is that it affords the opportunity for you to share your concerns about thumbsucking on a more one to one level, free from prying eyes, and, if you chose, even anonymously. But, who knows, you may start a friendship. If not for this section, how often would you get a chance to do all this? Here, you'll find the e-mail addresses of those fellow thumbsuckers who wish to be contacted. If you want to be included here, send me an introduction to be copied onto this page, or fill out the survey and indicate this request in the proper space. Last accruacy confirmed on 2/15/04.

Photo Section and Humor

See who we are from photographs of real and posed adult thumb suckers. And, just for fun, we've made thumb suckers out of some of you, including President Clinton, by manipulating photos using the latest in digital magic (Hey, we gotta use our sense of humor, right?). There's also the humor section. It's small for now, but promises to get larger as we compile contributions here. This section comprises strictly funny jokes, photos, etc., just for the fun of it.

Thumbprints, A new "Historical Page" has been added. You'll see what at least one adult was doing while Pompeii was smoldering! Another addition, meet Amy at "Amy's Page". Oh, and Kai, from Germany, shows his thumb callus. 11/20/01

This section is focused on posed and true life photos of adults thumb sucking. The Group numbers have been changed around to accommodate a value system that places real shots of real people (as opposed to possible posed shots of models) in the lower numbered sections. Olivia has a new, added, photo page in addition to her original one, which has a couple of new photos added to it where she indulges amongst friends. We now have another public ATSer, an artistic woman named Sohma, from Georgia. Check out her page. Actually, I've noticed a real pattern here. So far, ALL the public ATSers are women artists. Hmmmmmm. What do you think that's about? See Betty's family of tsers and how she's incorporated this behavior into a philosophy about tolerance and understanding.unity.

CAUTION, some photos in certain parts of the photo section may be interpreted to be of a sexual nature, they have been edited for a more general audience, as requested by some of our active participants.

Photo Magic, here we'll see the "magic" of photo programs and what they can create. I know this section is kind of silly, but, what the heck, I included it anyway. Sometimes it's good to keep your tongue in your cheek as well as a thumb in your mouth! Hey, what's a feller to do when he gets Adobe 5 for free!? Enjoy!.10/24/99

Humor Section, 11/20/01 A spoof on what you can learn from your kid. Just a small addition, but fun just the same.

A patented confection for thumb suckers, seen here, along with other funny things (I can't believe the Inhibitor, WOW!). Why was this section grouped with the photos? Well, sometimes a photo can be funny and, besides, I ran out of room in the Articles section on the table of contents, so, what the heck. Hey, that's funny! If anyone can add to this section it'd do us all a lot of good, e-mail me with the funny joke, story, photo...whatever.

Survey Section

Help in our quest to gather data on adult thumbsucking by taking a survey, if you still suck your thumb. Or, if you just want to learn about who we are, then read the Statistics Section. For those not enamored by statistics, you can read about each respondent, individually, in the respective "Statements" sections below.

Survey! - yes, take this survey and add yourself to our growing roster of adult thumb suckers. Interject your life experiences and help us all to understand ourselves. Please take the survey, it is the best way in which we can know who we are and why we are that way. And like any good survey, you can remain anonymous! (2/18/00)

Click below to read the Compendium of Survey Statements from hundreds of adult thumbsuckers:

Statements Section, A compendium of individual statements and answers to the Survey Questions. This section is comprised of hundreds of individual adult thumb suckers telling us about themselves and their habit, how it's affected their lives, and much, much more. Statement Section 8B has been added in my feeble attempt to keep up with the voluminous surveys hitting me every week! NOTE, in order to save time and get these statements out quicker, I've stopped 'proseifying' them and am now simply copying the raw data into the New Statements sections. They'll still be easy to read, just a bit, well, raw. 4/16/00

Survey Statistics , compiled statistics on adult thumbsucking. As far as I know, these stats are the ONLY ones available on this subject! Last updated on 2/21/99.

Links Section , The Net has gone with the ball, finally. We now have a choice of sites focusing on the adult thumb sucker, even one for the teenager. Added, a site espousing fetal posturing and thumb sucking for a cure for many maladies. Others too. Enter here for some more variety. 3/14/02

Dentistry and Calluses

Finally, read about the possible physical effects of thumb sucking: how it may effect the teeth or the thumb. Most adult thumb suckers aren't so affected, but for those with these concerns, I've provided photos and articles detailing this aspect.

Dental Aspects, From the mouths of the beholders. Included here also: an article on thumb sucking in Ancient Egypt, where the dental affects were not privy to modern dentistry. This section is mostly a collection of dental and face photos of those few people who have had obvious affects from their habit. Remember, these photos represent the extreme. Now a second page to accommodate all the new photos, and the new addition is on this 2nd page! 9/6/99

Calluses, Kai added his callus. Thumbs up!

Many thumb suckers have'm; they're dead give aways. If fact, looking for one may enable you to find out if they do or don't, at least maybe so. Anyway, look at these pictures of adult thumbsuckers with a callous. Is yours bigger? Better? If you want to be included just e-mail me and you can be famous! At least you won't have to worry about being recognized, unless it's by another ts-er! One new addition from 3 different views, including the after effects of sucking for hours. 11/20/00

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Sample Search Words: For those out there who yearn for more information on this subject, I'd advise using one or more of the many "search engines" such as Excite or Google, both very accurate search engines and Alta Vista (a large search engine) or, for searching the Newsgroups, Deja News. Some expressions worth searching for are words like: (note that for many of these expressions you can add "-ing", "-s", "-ed" or, for some of the search engines, simply add a * for universal suffix endings.) "thumb suck", "suck my thumb", "suck your thumb", "suck his thumb", "suck her (or his) thumb", "finger sucking", "buck teeth", buckteeth, "oral habit", "class II division I", "cl2 div 1", thumbsuck, thumbsucker, "dental protrusion", "anterior open bite", malocclusion, "maxillary protrusion". If you have more ideas for search words, e-mail me.

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