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THE web site for those who may stay out of sight - the adult thumb sucker.


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From Seven Wonders : Education Site of the Week - July 13, 1999


Also, this web site has been linked all over the Net and has actually altered previous conceptions since 1999 when it began. It's a lot more public, known and even accepted then it used to be. The movie, "Thumbsucker" had this web site in their movie credits, and well known personalities have "come out" and admitted what they'd never admit years ago. The acronym, ATS (Adult Thumb Sucking), is now known and used in dental schools and all over the Net. To check out the many links to this web site, put the following into your browser or Google it: links://thumbsuckingadults.com .

Sample Search Words: For those out there who yearn for more information on this subject, I'd advise using Google (a large search engine). Some expressions worth searching for are words like: (note that for many of these expressions you can add "-ing", "-s", "-ed" or, for some of the search engines, simply add a * for universal suffix endings.) "thumb suck", "suck my thumb", "suck your thumb", "suck his thumb", "suck her (or his) thumb", "finger sucking", "buck teeth", buckteeth, "oral habit", "class II division I", "cl2 div 1", thumbsuck, thumbsucker, "dental protrusion", "anterior open bite", malocclusion, "maxillary protrusion". If you have more ideas for search words, email me.

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